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Commercial Dual-Energy

Electricity + Natural Gaz = Dual Energy .. at the lowest possible cost!

Better heating, lower cost, cleaner planet

Maximize your savings with dual-energy and DT Rate

Hydro‑Québec and Énergir have joined forces to fight climate change by proposing a dual-energy offer for the residential sector. For the commercial sector, the dual energy program is coming this summer.

The idea is simple: using electricity to meet over 70% of heating requirements and natural gas as an auxiliary source.  In other words, it consists in using the right energy source at the right time and at the lowest possible cost.


It’s a win-win-win all around, as by converting to a dual-energy heating system (electricity and natural gas), you will benefit from:
  • Subventions covering a significance part of the cost toward purchase and installation of the new heating and hot water equipment
  • Subventions to upgrade or change you electric panel if needed
  • Recurring savings on your complete energy consumption.. yes, even to heat your pool.. by enjoying preferential electricity rate DT (Double Tarrif) from Hydro Quebec;
  • Participating in reducing the pressure on Hydro Quebec current power grids by using natural gas equipment during winter peaks
  • Participating toward reduction of green gas emissions by using electricity as your primary source to meet about 70% of your heating needs


Hot Water Heating System

Will be announced soon - summer 2023.

Forced-air central heating system

Will be announced soon - summer 2023.


Need financing? We offer 60 months of equal payment financing with a preferential rate.

5 steps to benefit from dual energy

1. Contact Us

As a Certified Partner of Energir, we will schedule a visit, and assess your needs to determine the optimal equipment for your needs

2. Obtain our free Quote

Next, we will provide you, without any obligations from you, the quote that will include the price for your new equipment, installation cost, and the amount of subvention for which you are eligible. As an Energir Certified Partner, we can even deduct the subventions directly from your invoice, so you pay less upfront.

3. Have your equipment installed

Once the quote is signed, we schedule the appointment for the installation of your new equipment. All work is done by one team who is under the same roof, as our guys are members of CMEQ (electricity) and CMMTQ (natural gas)… one of the few in Quebec.

4. Just sign in

We take care of all paperwork needed with Hydro Quebec and Energir, you will just have to review and sign in appropriate places

5. Save money

Start saving money and enjoying your choice to create a cleaner planet – All your electricity consumption will be on a reduced Hydro-Quebec DT Rate and your fossil footprint will be cut by about 70%.

Who is the offer geared to?

Énergir residential customers with natural gas central heating systems who want to lower both their energy bills and their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Two Types of Dual-Energy Systems

  1. Hot Air Central System: Natural Gas Furnace + Adding the Central Heat Pump
  2. Hot Water System: Natural Gas Boiler + Adding an Electric Boiler

In both cases electric hot water tank is recommended as it will be using preferential DT Rate

Your dual-energy system will vary depending on the type of heating equipment in your residence. If you have a forced air system, dual-energy requires the combination of a natural gas furnace and a heat pump. For hot water systems, dual-energy combines a natural gas boiler and an electric boiler.

Call to action

Want to convert to dual energy and benefit from subventions and reduced Hydro Quebec DT Rate? Our experts are always available.